To A New World, To New Wars

Episode 0

The prequel to war

Chapter 0: War Never Changes

“- not all, if you order Astro-”


“- actually your twin broth-”


“-only begun it’s life cycle and -”


“-prospects of peace continue to dwindle. The Enclave of the Bear refuse to back down. Meanwhile hostilities with Die Meckaniker continue to escalate. That’s all, more news at 11. Good evening, Balkania.”

‘Hmm. More trouble.’

‘Same as always, Geoff’

‘I never really liked the daily news. It’s not like we can do anything about this situation anyway.’

‘Give me the chip bowl.’


‘God damn it Geoff you ate all the chips again’

“Men. We are living in an age of war. Heretics and impure men threaten our borders. We need YOU to enlist for the Imperial Balkania reserves. When they come, will you be ready?”

‘Meh. There’s this stuff at the border, but it’s not like anyone is going to actually attack us. The worst threat to me right now is a lack of snack foods. Ever since Khan instituted that trade embargo we’re stuck eating this crap.’

“Visit your local recruiting station to enlist. This message payed for by the Imperial Balkania Reserve Commission. For a new world.”

‘For new wars.’

‘For new wars.’


’I’m getting up to get some more chips. Want another beer while I’m up?’



‘Dude, what happened to the TV?’

‘Geoff,… come to the window. You need to see this.’

‘Is that a-’

‘Yes. That’s a mushroom cloud.’




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