To A New World, To New Wars

Episode 1
Hostilities Begin

Episode 1: Hostility Begins

The board room was quiet. The lead holders of Khan Industries, LLC, sat around the wide oaken table, each waiting for the CEO to speak. Ambrose Khan, the Chief Executive Officer of the world’s largest arms corporation, cut an impressive figure. His suit perfectly pressed, his iron-grey hair perfectly in place. He radiated the confidence such a man must display at all times.

“Raynor, report on our investments with the Die Mechaniker”

A short, balding man in a plaid shirt answers, his sweaty hands grasping a handful of papers and reports. “The shipments of arms are turning handy profit. There was some accidental friendly fire during joint exercises in our northern territories. The shipments of arms have emboldened them to move on the Enclave in force. Sleeper agents are in place on both sides.”

“It seems to have been a worth-while expenditure. What is going on with the Balkans?”

The only woman at the table stands up, her black hair beginning to show the first few greys. “Their assault on Alaska was a blood bath. Our agents inside report no flinching from their leader, he and their entire forces are dedicated to eliminating all non-pure strain humans. ‘I will stop the genocide when it’s all done.’ is his official word. They also seem to know about the defective units sent to the Mechaniker.”

“This kind of slip up cannot be tolerated. Close the leak. Now.” Despite his sternness, Ambrose doesn’t let down his composure. “I trust you all have read your draft copy of the treaty with the Saharans.”

A young executive stands up, red in the face. “These terms are not even in our best interest! We’re giving up way to much to them for far to little profit for ourselves; we cannot in good faith present this to the shareholders! And this after the oil treaty in the Middle East? We could’ve gotten the mineral rights to far more land, yet we concede now to them yet again.”

“Sit down Dennisson. Yes, this looks on the surface to be a concession. But you see, this company is not so short sighted. It fits into a larger plan…”

Episode 0
The prequel to war

Chapter 0: War Never Changes

“- not all, if you order Astro-”


“- actually your twin broth-”


“-only begun it’s life cycle and -”


“-prospects of peace continue to dwindle. The Enclave of the Bear refuse to back down. Meanwhile hostilities with Die Meckaniker continue to escalate. That’s all, more news at 11. Good evening, Balkania.”

‘Hmm. More trouble.’

‘Same as always, Geoff’

‘I never really liked the daily news. It’s not like we can do anything about this situation anyway.’

‘Give me the chip bowl.’


‘God damn it Geoff you ate all the chips again’

“Men. We are living in an age of war. Heretics and impure men threaten our borders. We need YOU to enlist for the Imperial Balkania reserves. When they come, will you be ready?”

‘Meh. There’s this stuff at the border, but it’s not like anyone is going to actually attack us. The worst threat to me right now is a lack of snack foods. Ever since Khan instituted that trade embargo we’re stuck eating this crap.’

“Visit your local recruiting station to enlist. This message payed for by the Imperial Balkania Reserve Commission. For a new world.”

‘For new wars.’

‘For new wars.’


’I’m getting up to get some more chips. Want another beer while I’m up?’



‘Dude, what happened to the TV?’

‘Geoff,… come to the window. You need to see this.’

‘Is that a-’

‘Yes. That’s a mushroom cloud.’


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